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Top 6 Complaints We Hear About Tax Relief Firms

Many times when we first hear from taxpayers, they tell us that they just fired a tax relief firm (or two) over the last several months. Unfortunately, it isn’t surprising, as there are quite a few tax relief firms that don’t have the consumer’s best interest at heart, which we’ve recently documented in our Top Tax Relief Scams Exposed article.

The following are the six most common complaints we’ve heard about unscrupulous tax relief firms from taxpayers throughout the country:

1. “They didn’t do anything for me.”

One of the most common problems we find when talking with clients is that their tax relief firm didn’t actually do anything for them. Many tax relief firms promise that they’ll help to drastically reduce a client’s debt, but instead they charge taxpayers hefty fees while barely reducing their tax debt, if at all. In fact, taxpayers in this situation often find that their IRS case tends to get in worse shape due to the inaction and unprofessional nature of the unlicensed salespeople who work at these companies.

2. “They refused to communicate.”

Landmark Tax Group is ready and eager to communicate with our clients, whether it’s about what we can do for you or how things are progressing in settling your IRS debt. However, we hear all the time that many other tax relief firms fail to respond to emails, phone calls and correspondence from the client and the IRS alike.

Tax debt relief is an industry that relies heavily on regular, effective communication — clients, the IRS, lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers are all part of the process. Sometimes fewer people are involved, but oftentimes there are even more individuals we have to communicate with to settle your tax debt. Clear and responsive communication with all stakeholders is a critical component of moving a tax case forward towards a permanent and favorable resolution.

3. “I don’t want to pay hidden or huge fees.”

Do we charge clients for our services? Of course — it’s impossible to receive professional tax help without paying associated professional fees. However, we do hear a lot of complaints about tax relief companies that leave their clients with exorbitant fees, some of which they don’t even know about until they review their credit card statement months later.

4. “My old tax debt relief firm lied to me.”

While hidden fees are essentially lies by omission, other unethical tax debt relief firms will outright lie to their clients. Whether it’s making false promises they can’t possibly keep or simply telling a client something that isn’t true, we don’t know a single person who appreciates being lied to, especially when their financial future is on the line. Help reduce your risk of hiring a dishonest tax relief firm by learning what questions to askbefore spending a dime on tax relief services.

5. “The things my old firm told me scared me.”

Debt is a scary thing, and dealing with the IRS can be intimidating. However, where Landmark Tax Group endeavors to make taxpayers aware of the IRS tax relief processand alleviate their concerns, other firms prey on those fears and use them to strong arm clients. We believe the purpose of an IRS tax settlement firm is to help you — they shouldn’t try to scare you into hiring them and paying over unconscionable fees.

6. “They tried to sell me too much.”

Tax debt settlement is a process of informing, communicating and negotiating. Taxpayers deserve to be treated fairly and educated about the options available to resolve their specific tax situation. While unethical tax relief firms rely on smoke and mirrors and aggressive sales tactics, reputable firms are busy sharing their knowledge of the Tax Code and listening to their clients’ needs while working towards the best tax resolution available under the law.

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