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What You Should Know

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Unfiled tax returns, or delinquent returns, are a common occurrence with taxpayers and are considered a high priority by the IRS. In addition to delinquent returns, taxpayers often also have an outstanding tax liability or tax lien that need to be addressed. Taxpayers in this situation should be aware that negotiating with the IRS cannot commence until all delinquent tax returns are filed (but not necessarily paid). Before the IRS can consider a tax settlement or a payment plan, the agency requires all tax returns to be filed. Meeting this requirement will establish “goodwill” with the IRS and help facilitate a resolution to your tax dispute.

How We Can Help

All tax returns are prepared by our CPAs and former IRS Auditors. We will review your filing requirements with you and provide you with an explanation of the appropriate actions needed to get you into filing compliance. Taking into consideration all applicable deductions and credits, we will prepare your individual and/or business tax returns and submit them to the IRS and State taxing authorities. If applicable, we will seek removal of any related penalties and interest assessed against your account, including failure-to-file penalties, and then follow up to address any balance due on the return. As former IRS Auditors and IRS Officers, we know how the IRS works and how to protect you and your assets. Request a FREE consultation with our ex-IRS agents here. (We proudly serve taxpayers in all 50 States)

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