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Despite public perception to the contrary, seizures of taxpayers’ assets are neither a common nor practical action of the IRS. However, when seizure of a taxpayer’s asset does occur, the effects can be devastating. In general, if the IRS is considering  taking seizure action against you, it may pursue any and all of your real and personal property that contains sufficient equity. Intangible property, such as goodwill or rights to property, can also be seized.

How We Can Help

Seizure actions by the IRS are often a “last resort” and therefore allows plenty of time for taxpayers with adequate tax representation to resolve the tax dispute without the threat of an actual seizure. In most cases, effective communication with the IRS and a properly packaged financial analysis outlining your ability to pay the back taxes will help facilitate an amicable resolution without the need for a seizure. As your tax representative, we will communicate directly with the IRS to ensure a seizure action is never brought against you and your assets. If the IRS seizure process is already in place, we will prepare and submit a formal appeal and represent you in front of the Appeals Division. As former IRS Officers and IRS Auditors, we know how the IRS works and how to protect you and your hard-earned assets. Request a FREE consultation with our ex-IRS agents here.

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