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Publication 1 “Your Rights as  a Taxpayer” is one of the most important documents the IRS is required to provide you. The publication outlines your rights as a taxpayer when faced with an IRS collection or audit situation, and explains such rights related to privacy, representation, and appeals and judicial review, among many others. An IRS appeal can take the form of a discussion with an IRS employee’s manager, a formal review by the IRS Appeals Office, a judicial review by the U.S. Tax Court, or all three.

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Even more important than knowing your various appeal rights is knowing when to use them. In most cases, IRS actions can be appealed before and after such actions have taken place, but within certain timeframes. Failure to file a complete and timely appeal results in a loss of your taxpayer rights and allows the IRS to proceed with enforced collection, such as a lien or levy, against you. While working your case, we will ensure your appeal rights are protected and exercised at the right times. The timeliness and type of appeal request are crucial elements for an effective appeal. In the event an administrative appeal proves ineffective, we will guide you through the judicial appeal process. As former IRS Officers and IRS Auditors, we know how the IRS works and how to protect you and your assets. Request a FREE consultation with our ex-IRS agents here.

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