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As a leading provider of tax relief for individual and business taxpayers throughout the United States, we quickly resolve your IRS and State tax disputes while ensuring your income and assets are protected. You’ll get immediate relief and the peace of mind you deserve knowing that all IRS communications and correspondence are handled by our firm. Generally, you’ll never have to meet or speak with the IRS upon becoming our client. Our seasoned tax relief experts are committed to obtaining the best possible tax resolution outcome for you.


– Get a Fresh Start
– File an IRS Offer-in- Compromise (OIC)
– Get a Payment Plan for Back Taxes
– Get Professional Audit Help from CPAs and former IRS Auditors
– Eliminate IRS Tax Penalties
– File Unfiled Tax Returns
– Release IRS Tax Levies and IRS Tax Liens
– Stop Wage Garnishments & Bank Levies
– Resolve Payroll Tax Problems
– Protect Your Income and Assets

Get a Fresh Start

The new IRS Fresh Start program makes it easier for individual and business taxpayers to pay back taxes, avoid IRS tax liens, and get tax relief from the IRS. Under this program, the IRS also made it easier for taxpayers to qualify for an offer-in-compromise, or tax settlement. Learn more about how we’ve been settling tax matters for our clients by using the Fresh Start program here.

Get a Tax Settlement aka Offer-in-Compromise

If you can’t afford to pay your back taxes in full, you may be a good candidate for the IRS Offer-in-Compromise program, whereby the IRS provides taxpayers the opportunity to pay a small amount as a full and final payment. Taxpayers who attempt to file for an Offer in Compromise on their own often put themselves at risk of not qualifying for a settlement or they end up paying more than they have to. Learn more about how we get our clients tax settlements here.

Set up an Installment Agreement aka IRS Payment Plan

If you can’t pay your back taxes in full but could potentially pay them back over a period of time, we can negotiate a reasonable and affordable monthly payment plan with the IRS on your behalf.  Once an installment agreement is put into place, the IRS will stop all enforced collection action, such as garnishing wages and levying bank accounts. Learn how we establish payment plans for our clients here.

Get Audit Help and Protection

If you have received a letter or phone call from the IRS requesting an audit, it is imperative that you seek professional representation in a timely manner. As our client, our CPAs and former IRS Auditors will review the audit process with you and ensure your rights are being protected throughout the length of the audit. We can arrange to take your place (or accompany you) to the audit and will present your options to you throughout every stage. In all audit cases, we handle the audit process from A-to-Z. Learn how we successfully represent our clients in audits here.

Get a Lien Release

Upon becoming our client, we will help you determine if a lien has been filed, and if not, we will explain what is needed to prevent one from being filed. In certain circumstances, the government will allow a payment arrangement or a tax settlement without the need for a lien filing. In situations where a lien has already been filed, relief may be granted via a request for a lien withdrawal or a subordination of the lien under certain conditions. Learn how we routinely protect our clients from IRS tax liens here.

Get a Levy Release

As your tax representative, we will communicate directly with the IRS to ensure a levy is never issued against your wages or bank account. If an IRS levy has already been issued, we will contact the agency right away to request an immediate release of the tax levy or wage garnishment. Most wage garnishments and IRS levy situations can be quickly resolved after speaking with the IRS agent in charge of your case. Learn how we often get levies released within 24 hours here.

Eliminate Penalties and Interest

As your tax representative, we will conduct an in-depth review your tax transcripts to identify which penalties and interest have been assessed against you and, as applicable, seek a full or partial abatement of penalties and related interest. In additional to removing penalties and interest from your account, we will ensure you have the knowledge and information you need to prevent tax penalties and interest in the future. Learn how we pursue the elimination of penalties and interest on every case here.

Get Appeals Help

In the event the IRS violates your rights or refuses to take a requested action on your account, we will prepare and submit a formal appeal and represent you in front of the Appeals Division. Even more important than knowing your various appeal rights is knowing when to use them to ensure the appeal period (usually 30, 60 or 90 days) does not lapse. While working your case, we will make certain your appeal rights are protected and exercised at the right times. Learn how we preserve your appeal rights here.

Get Innocent Spouse Relief

If you owe back taxes due to your spouse’s (or ex-spouses) actions, you may be eligible to obtain tax relief by qualifying as an innocent spouse. This means that if you can prove you are an innocent spouse, as defined by the Tax Code, the IRS can relieve you of the tax debt. The statutory requirements for relief under the Innocent Spouse program and Injured Spouse program can be complicated. We will conduct an analysis of your situation to determine if you qualify for full or partial relief under current IRS rules. If you qualify, we will prepare and submit an innocent or injured spouse claim on your behalf. Learn more about how handle innocent spouse matters on behalf of our clients here.

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All tax relief clients are expertly served by our: 

– CPAs
– Enrolled Agents
– Former IRS Auditors
– Former IRS Collection Officers

Since we’ve handled thousands of IRS cases in the past, we know how to get the best results for you. We will negotiate a deal that is fair and affordable for you while simultaneously preserving your taxpayer’s rights. As former IRS Collection Officers and IRS Auditors, we know how the IRS works and how to protect you and your assets.


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