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What is an IRS tax audit?

The IRS and California Franchise Tax Board can conduct an audit of your tax returns or related financial statements at any time. While the IRS is examining your tax records, it may also request to review your receipts, bank statements, general ledger and additional documents connected to the tax year(s) under audit.

How does a taxpayer get picked for an audit?

Business and individual taxpayers are equally predisposed to an audit by the IRS. The agency audits taxpayers throughout the country via in-person or correspondence audits. Tax examinations can be triggered by either a red flag on your return or as a result of random selection by the IRS. Taxpayers that owe back taxes to the IRS should bear in mind it is not uncommon for IRS employees to request an audit as part of their investigation into your tax liability.  To protect yourself from an IRS audit, see 6 Ways to Reduce Your Chance of an IRS Audit.

How can I appeal an IRS audit?

Throughout your tax examination with the IRS, you will have the opportunity to appeal case actions and determinations made by the auditor.  Taxpayers can request an appeal if they disagree with the auditor’s findings and usually must do so with specific deadlines provided by the auditor.

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