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What is an IRS and State tax appeal?

By law, the IRS and State taxing authorities provide taxpayers with an opportunities to appeals certain actions, or proposed actions, related to your tax case. Individual and business taxpayers have the same rights when it comes to appealing procedures and actions taken against your account.

What are my appeal rights?

Taxpayers are afforded several administrative appeal rights such as a Collection Due Process (CDP) and Collection Appeals Program (CAP). CAP is available to taxpayers or third parties in a wide range of situations. Unlike under CAP, taxpayers that file an appeal under CDP can go to tax court if they disagree with the Appeals Office’s decision. An IRS tax appeal can take the form of a discussion with an IRS employee’s manager, a formal review by the IRS Appeals Office, a judicial review by the U.S. Tax Court, or all three.

Can I appeal an IRS audit or levy action?

An appeal can be submitted throughout all stages of your case. Taxpayers can appeal various actions taken by the IRS or State tax authority such as; levy or wage garnishments, filing of tax liens, rejection of installment agreements, denial of reduction of penalties and interest, IRS asset seizures, failure to accept an IRS tax settlement request, additional tax assessments resulting from an audit, and more.

Getting Help

If the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, or other taxing authority has levied your bank account, violated your taxpayer rights, or taken other adverse actions to collect your tax liability, you may be entitled to appeal the action. To preserve your right to appeal a collection action by the tax authorities, be sure to submit your appeal within the statutory guidelines and timeframes.

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